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Posté le 2010/07/21

Annonce d'ateliers, histoires et blogue de 2010


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Story of the Week

The Week of July 5, 2010 - The Choice to Get Help or Not
(Story by Denis; written by Ruth; translation by Nathalie)

This past Saturday, before leaving Vancouver, I went to play a game of golf. When I arrived at the golf course, a man and his son were ready to play, and I was teamed up with them. At about the 13th or 14th hole, the man asked me what I did for a living, and I explained that I did energy work. By the 15th hole, he asked if I knew what type of illness he had. I told him that he had swelling on the right testicle and that all of his energy was on the right side. He had problems walking and had pain on the right side.

The man then asked me how I do energy work. I explained to him that before checking someone, I always obtain permission from the person before directing my energy to that individual. I asked permission to check him and noticed that there were blockages at various points in his body. When I see blockages, I can release those blockages if the person and the soul are open to this. I could feel that his energy was very strong – that his soul was calling for help.

At that point, the man gave me permission to treat him so I connected with him by looking at him, and I raised my vibration to reach his. (When doing physical work, such as golfing, I lower my vibration). Within a short time, I started to release some of the blockages. Because the vibration was very high, I could see that an instant healing was possible. I was certainly not prepared for that because I had simply come to the golf course to play golf. I started to become dizzy because of the very high vibrations. When I sat down, the man sat down beside me, and he started to open up. I reconnected to him to move the energy in his body to the centre until the swelling was gone and the man was centered. He stood up and yelled that he was okay. He was so happy, and he even finished playing the last hole. He thanked me for the healing and started to cry.

After that experience, I decided that I wanted to play another round of golf. When I went to the Starter, he said go ahead right now, and there will be no charge. This was a gift from the universe. I played the first three holes alone, and at the fourth hole, I met up with another guy who was playing with another couple whom he did not know. The four of us played together.

After playing almost 10 holes of golf, the man who was by himself asked me what I did for a living. I explained to him that I work with energy. Like before, this man asked me if I knew what type of illness he had. I told him that he had some type of liver disease. The man quickly indicated that he did not want any help so I decided to simply hold the space. At the next hole, he asked what I did before energy work, and I told him that I had been a police officer. The guy said we were on opposite sides of the law because in the late 1970’s, he was very involved in drugs. I could see that the man was very closed in, and I could sense friction coming from him. At the next hole, he had so much pain he could not finish the game. The woman on our team, and who had never met this guy before, could sense that he would not live very long. His liver has been damaged partly because of the anger issues that he has not resolved.

These two very different golfing experiences demonstrate how we always have a choice in life to open up and to get the help that we need or to close in and not seek help and to continue to live in pain.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Story of the Week

The Week of May 17, 2010 – Predicting Illness
(Story by Denis; written by Ruth; translation by Nathalie)

Ever since I started working with universal energy, I have found that I am able to read a person’s body and determine if a disease will manifest at some point in the future. About ten years ago, I was doing energy work with a very good friend whom I had known for about 15 years. At that time, I told her to be careful when channeling energy because she could create sickness within her body. She was not grounded enough for the amount of light that she was receiving.

In May of 1998, my spiritual guides informed me that the vibration of the planet had changed, and therefore, we must change the way that we ground ourselves in order to process large amounts of light. Instead, we must ground through the two base chakras. In the case of my friend, she needed a base that was wide and strong, and I told her that a disease could manifest in her head. She did not receive this information with a positive reaction, and she stopped coming to me for treatments.

Over the years, I have found that many people are not receptive when I tell them that they might get sick in the future. Instead of asking what they could do to change things in order to get better, many people withdraw and stop receiving treatments from me for long periods of time and sometimes permanently. In the case of this long-time friend, she returned for a treatment a couple of weeks ago after an absence of almost ten years. When she arrived, I saw within her body exactly what I had predicted years earlier, and she was still not well grounded. When people are very well grounded, they will not become sick. They can use all of the light that they receive to help themselves stay healthy instead of “feeding the mental”, but they must process and ground this light properly.

When channeling large amounts of light, grounding through the feet to the earth is not enough – we must ground through the two base chakras. When the first and second chakras are connected, it creates a powerful energetic force and a balance with the other chakras that allows us to ground, process, and integrate light faster and more easily. The lack of sufficient grounding is a primary reason why the flow of energy becomes stagnated. When you are not grounded, emotions do not flow properly through your body, and this blocked energy can manifest in the physical body as disease.

What I have learned from these experiences - where people hear news of future illness and do not want to do anything to change - is that they need to go through the experience of the illness for their own learning. More specifically, the person needs this learning experience in order for the soul to grow. Consequently, I no longer tell clients about possible future illnesses unless they ask, and I have the specific agreement from my guides to do so.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Story of the Week

The Week of May 3, 2010 – Family Healing
(Story by Denis; written by Ruth; translation by Annette)

On Sunday, May 2, 2010, I had the opportunity to work with a family to do a healing of one of its members – this was an extremely powerful experience because of the love and strong connection of the family members involved. A young adult male was recently diagnosed with advanced diabetes. He first came to me for a treatment on Saturday afternoon and then again on Sunday morning. When I first saw this young man, I immediately noticed that he had a lot of light, which is very common in many young people. He was dealing with some emotional issues and had some blockages.

I was invited by his uncle to join the family for dinner on Sunday evening. After dinner, I brought the various members of the family together in a room to do a family healing on this young man. Those who participated with me in the healing were the mother, father, aunt, uncle, female cousin, and a friend. Prior to starting, I observed each person – everyone had a talent/strength that could be used in the healing, and everyone played an important role. I placed each person at different locations around the young man’s body and told them where to put their hands. I placed the young female cousin at his head because she had the same vibration rate as he had. I have done this in the past with younger people. It is similar to a transplant where you connect the young healthy person to the one who requires healing. In this case, I raised the vibration rate and connected the pancreas of the female cousin to the pancreas of the young man with diabetes. Because of the very strong bonds within this family, the feeling of love and energy that filled the room was amazing. This confirms that when we use energy with love we can accomplish great things.

A couple of days after the healing, the mother phoned to say how much her son had changed in just a few days. He seemed to be ready to do what was necessary to help himself in the healing process. She said he was talking more, he seemed to be happier – his mother was very pleased with the outcome. In fact, a recent e-mail from her stated that “her son’s blood sugar levels were the best they have been since he was diagnosed”.

Over the years, I am seeing more and more young people suffering with various diseases. These people need to learn how to ground and process light/energy to help overcome various diseases. This energy is brought to the spine, and if it is not grounded, they will get blocked with issues that they are dealing with in this lifetime. Young people naturally channel a lot of light because they vibrate at higher levels than people over 40 years of age, and young people see the world differently than those of us who are over 40.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Story of the Week

The Week of April 12, 2010 – The Basketballs of Light
(Story by Denis; written by Ruth; translation by Nathalie)

One night in the autumn of 1994, the day after an intense meditation session, I was in my bedroom where I received a strong dose of universal energy. This occurred during a period of time when I had worked very hard to ground in order to heal my physical body.

At five o’clock in the morning, I awoke with a start -- it struck me, because it was very dark outside -- and my entire bedroom was filled with white light, a brilliant light, a white that I had never seen before. This experience lasted about fifteen minutes. Somewhat confused, I observed this light, because it was the first time that I experienced a direct manifestation of light from another dimension. Subsequently, over a period of three to four minutes, I started receiving light in the shape of basketballs coming toward my face, and when the balls of light touched my face, they exploded into a thousand lights of different colors. The sensation associated with the light was very very intense. This was the beginning of a great adventure. I was quite certain that, in the future, the universe or my guides would give me similar experiences with very intense light.

In April 2010, on the night of the new moon, I woke up at 2:00 a.m. and stayed awake until 5:00 a.m. During this three-hour period, my guides did not want me to sleep. With each new moon, it is common to receive universal energy that is very intense, and I experienced this intensity with this new moon in April. The purpose of this energy is to build up the energy cylinder -- adding layers and layers of light to enhance the cylinder. Three days later, on April 17, there was a continuation of this energy download. I had been aware, over the last few months, of the need to integrate this energy very well so that I could function properly.

It took me several years to understand the principle of energy -- that our physical body can be compared to an onion which has multiple layers. As you raise and integrate each new energy vibration, you will move layer by layer to the next level of consciousness. In other words, each time our level of consciousness changes (i.e. increases), we advance one step at a time to the next level. There is no shortcut for the evolution of our soul.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Story of the Week

In 1994, I started working with universal energy, and since that time, I have had many different and very interesting experiences. In the past, I have not shared these experiences partly because I thought many people would find the stories too hard to believe. I have reached the point in my life where I now feel it is an opportune time to share these stories with those who might be interested in reading about them.

Week of April 5, 2010
(Story by Denis, written by Ruth; translation by Nathalie)

A month ago, a friend in Toronto asked me to visit a house she had recently purchased because when she attempted to take pictures in the house, the camera would not show any of the photographs. The house was under renovation, and the contractors were uncomfortable working there because they could see a foggy face which would appear in a certain area of the house.

At that time, I visited the house and felt some sort of “entity”. It seemed to be in the form of a 10 foot x 10 foot square wall located in the stairway. I checked the rest of the house, and it was fine except for this one area. When I walked near the area, I tried to remove the entity, but it did not work. I sensed a huge resistance from the entity and starting feeling sick. My spiritual guides advised me to stop and to return at a future time when I was equipped with sage and a candle.

On the weekend, I returned to the house, but about an hour before arriving, I could feel the entity already starting to attack my body. I grounded myself very well and gave myself an energy treatment, because my guides had asked me to prepare my body for this. As I walked toward the house, I could already feel the entity and that I was not welcome. When arriving at the house, I went into all of the other rooms first. When I reached the area where the entity was located, I tried using an energy cylinder, spiral vortex, and different other techniques to clear it, but these techniques did not work. On the advice of my guides, I used the sage and the candle that I had brought with me and performed a purification ceremony. The energy started to release, but there was still some resistance. My guides asked me to use my body as a tool to activate this entity in order to clear it. I put myself in front of this entity (square wall) and asked it to come to me and to use my body to help it to leave. The energy of this entity wanted to “ground” in order to stay there, but I asked it to leave by going through my body. I asked it to come to me, and I started to send it love. I could feel the energy going through my body and slowly go through my cylinder.

After about ten minutes, I felt much more peaceful and felt the energy leaving. I could sense with my third eye that the square wall was getting softer and softer. There were multiple layers, and as each layer was removed, I felt more peaceful. The entity had been in the house for probably a hundred years and was made up of a minimum of three people who had lived there long ago. When I completed the process, the entity was completely gone.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Workshops and Schedule 2010

Explore Energy Healing

New Workshops

Join Denis for a series of six workshops that will allow you to explore and master new energy and different vibrations associated with healing. Emphasis will be placed on experiencing different energy treatment techniques on yourself and others.

The workshops are targeted to all individuals who would like to enhance their knowledge of healing and self healing.

Come to the workshops with an open mind. Also, come to meet other people and share your experiences with them.

Themes of the 6 workshops:

- Clearing blockages
- Setting intention
- Divine connection
- Expanding your cylinder
- Focusing (centering) your spirit
- Manifesting abundance

The workshops are offered in French and in English at the home of Denis Chagnon, Val-des-Monts, near Gatineau, Quebec. They are also offered in English at the Nangor Resort near Pembroke, Ontario.

The dates, hours, and language of each workshop are outlined in the schedule, which is available on the blog.


Each 4-hour workshop (1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on weekends)

- $50.00 – at the home of Denis Chagnon, Val-des-Monts, Quebec

- $60.00 – at Nangor Resort, Pembroke, Ontario

Contact for Registration:

Denis Chagnon

Email: –

Phone: - (819) 671-3139


Denis Chagnon - (near Gatineau) 1604 Montée Paiement, Val-des-Monts, Qc

Nangor Resort – (near Pembroke) Westmeath, Ontario


Schedule for 2010

For the recent schedule of events, please visit the Events Calendar on my web site.

Treatment and Workshop Schedule:


April 13-14-15 and 20-21-22: Private treatments, Val-des-Monts (Gatineau)

April 9-10-11: Private treatments, Toronto

April 17-18: Private treatments, Montréal


Sunday, May 2: Workshop Divine connection (English), Pembroke, 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.

May 4-5-6 and 11-12-13: Private Treatments, Val-des-Monts

Saturday, May 8: Workshop Divine connection (French), Val-des-Monts, 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Sunday, May 9: Workshop Divine connection (English), Val-des-Monts, 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.

May 14-15-16: Private treatments, Toronto

May 29-30: Private treatments, Montréal


For the recent schedule of events, please visit the Events Calendar on my web site.

June 1-2-3- and 8-9-10: Private treatments, Val-des-Monts

Saturday, June 5: Workshop Expanding your cylinder (French), Val-des-Monts, 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Sunday, June 6: Workshop Expanding your cylinder (English), Pembroke, 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.

For the recent schedule of events, please visit the Events Calendar on my web site.

June 11-13: Workshop in Elkwater-Cypress Hills

June 15-16: Medicine Hat - Private Treatments

For the recent schedule of events, please visit the Events Calendar on my web site.

June 18: Fox Valley, Sask. - Meet & Greet 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.

June 19: Fox Valley, Sask. - Private Treatments

June 22-23-24: Edmonton - Private Treatments

For the recent schedule of events, please visit the Events Calendar on my web site.

June 25-26-27: Vancouver - Private Treatments


July 15 - 18 - for details, see Events Calendar on my web site.
Four-day (bilingual) Retreat/Workshop, at the home of Denis Chagnon, Val-des-Monts.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ateliers 2010


Explorer les énergies de guérison

Joingnez-vous à Denis pour une série de six cours qui vous permettront d’explorer et de maîtriser de nouvelles énergies et différentes vibrations liées à la guérison. L’emphase sera mise sur l’expérimentation des techniques de traitements énergétiques sur vous-même et sur les autres.

Les cours s'adressent à tous ceux qui veulent s'avancer un peu plus dans le domaine de la guérison et de l'autoguérison.

Venez avec l'esprit ouvert. Venez aussi pour rencontrer et pour partager vos expériences avec d'autres gens.

Thèmes des 6 cours

Défaire les blocages Clearing blocks

Placer l'intention Setting intention

Connection divine Divine connection

Élargir son cylindre Expanding cylinder

Centrer son esprit Focussed spirit

Manifester l'abondance Manifesting abundance

Les cours se donnent en français et en anglais soit chez Denis à Val-des-Monts près de Gatineau (Qc), soit au Nangor Resort près de Pembroke (ON).

Les dates, les heures et la langue de chaque cours se trouvent détaillées dans l'horaire disponible sur le blog de Denis.


Pour 1 cours de 4h (13h à 17h les fins de semaine)

$50.00 chez Denis à Val-des-Monts

$60.00 au Nangor Resort


Denis Chagnon



Chez Denis (près de Gatineau et Ottawa)

1604 Montée Paiement, Val-des-Monts, Qc


Nangor Resort (près de Pembroke)

Westmeath, Ontario

Horaire 2010


Horaire général des traitements et des ateliers

Pour le calendrier des événements récents, visitez la calendrier des événements sur mon site web.

Janvier à juin 2010 (révisé en mars)





Dimanche 31 : Cours d’énergies de guérison-Clearing blocks (anglais), Pembroke, 13h-17h



5-6-7 : Traitements privés, Toronto


9-10-11- et 16-17-18 : Traitements privés, Val-des-Monts


13 : Cours d’énergie de guérison-Défaire les blocages (français), Val-des-Monts, 13h-17h


Samedi 20 : Traitements privés, Montréal


Dimanche 21 : Cours d’énergies de guérison-Clearing blocks (anglais), Val-des-Monts, 13h-17h


Dimanche 28 : Cours d’énergie de guérison-Setting intention (anglais), Pembroke,13h-17h



1-2-3 : Traitements privés, Edmonton


5-6-7 : Traitements privés, Toronto


9-10-11 et 16-17-18 : Traitements privés, Val-des-Monts (Gatineau)


Samedi 13 : Cours d’énergies de guérison-Placer l’intention (français), Val-des-Monts, 13h-17h


Dimanche 14 : Cours d’énergies de guérison-Setting intention (anglais), Val-des-Monts, 13h-17h


Samedi 20 : Traitements privés, Montréal


26-27-28 : Retraite-Atelier d’enracinement (anglais), Nangor Resort, Pembroke


13-14-15 et 20-21-22 : Traitements privés, Val-des-Monts


9-10-11 : Traitement privés, Toronto


17-18 : Traitements privés, Montréal



Dimanche 2 : Cours d’énergies de guérison-Divine connection (anglais), Pembroke, 13h-17h


4-5-6 et 11-12-13 : Traitements privés, Val-des-Monts


Samedi 8 : Cours d’énergies de guérison-Connection divine (francais), Val-des-Monts ,13h-17h


Dimanche 9 : Cours d’énergies de guérison-Divine connection (anglais), Val-des-Monts, 13h-17h


14-15-16 : Traitements privés, Toronto


29-30 : Traitements privés, Montréal

Juin (revisé 22 avril)

Pour le calendrier des événements récents, visitez la calendrier des événements sur mon site web.

1-2-3- et 8-9-10 : Traitements privés, Val-des-Monts


Samedi 5 : Cours d’énergies de guérison-Élargir son cylindre (français), Val-des-Monts, 13h-17h


Dimanche 6 : Cours d’énergies de guérison-Expanding cylinders (anglais), Pembroke, 13h-17h

Pour le calendrier des événements récents, visitez la calendrier des événements sur mon site web.

11-12-13 Atelier Elkwater-Cypress Hills

15-16: Medicine Hat - Traitements privés

Pour le calendrier des événements récents, visitez la calendrier des événements sur mon site web.

18: Fox Valley, Sask. - "Meet et Greet" 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.

19: Fox Valley, Sask. - Traitements privés

22-23-24: Edmonton - Traitements privés

Pour le calendrier des événements récents, visitez la calendrier des événements sur mon site web.

25-26-27: Vancouver - Traitements privés




15 - 18 - visitez la calendrier des événements sur mon site web.

4 jours de Retraite-Atelier (bilingue), chez Denis, Val-des-Monts